Granite Monuments

Monuments are products that most people never think about and rarely shop for. Headstones come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and vary from simplistic designs to extraordinary mausoleums. When you begin shopping for a memorial, there are several key elements that you should consider, including the materials from which the headstone is made.

Natural Stone Benches

We can design and create a custom granite bench for you, ranging anywhere from an ornate bench built with smooth stone to a rugged one constructed from rough rock. Many people choose custom granite benches because they have a natural appearance and allow family members to linger more comfortably at the gravesite while sitting on the bench.


For the ultimate expression of your legacy, consider a private mausoleum. Private mausoleums are custom built to reflect the memory of one or many generations. Our team of experienced designers will create an estate with your wishes and preferences in mind.

Time to Plan for the Future

Every single day, we see families struggle to make difficult decisions during the most emotional times. We see the stress, the tears, and the outpouring of emotion that comes from not knowing what Mom, Dad, Brother, or Sister may have wanted. Some of these families never experience the peace that comes with true closure because they question their decisions long after the fact. And some of these families carry this emotional burden for far too long. While there are many reasons to pre-plan, this is the number one reason that pre-planning your cemetery and funeral arrangements is so important.

As professionals in the cemetery and memorial industry, we understand and acknowledge that discussing one's mortality is an extremely uncomfortable topic. However, we can help you and your family experience the sense of peace that only comes from knowing that your wishes will be carried out and that your loved ones will not have to make these difficult decisions at the time of death.

Technological Changes

Technology has changed over the last several years with laser technology. We have been able to bring pictures with extreme detail to life, whether its a Terry Redlin painting or a digital image of the family farm, or a portrait of the loved one.

Next Steps...

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